In the city of Uzhhorod, since 2008, a system of selective garbage collection through special containers and recycling points has been established. Up to 14% of the recyclable waste is collected in the city through sorting containers. At the same time, only 16% of the townspeople sort the garbage. The lion’s share of the garbage goes to the dump. An analysis of the dynamics of MSW accumulation in the city shows a dangerous tendency for annual growth in the volume of garbage from locals. This indicates that consumer culture is growing, the practice of unjustified use of packaging materials is increasing.

14% of raw material collected is a good indicator of the national dimension (5-6%), but this is not enough given the ZU “On Waste” norm, which is banned for the disposal of unsorted solid waste. The city has to significantly improve its practice of selective garbage collection also because the municipal landfill has to be closed in a year and to be reclaimed. The city has no other place under the new landfill site. A garbage collapse similar to the one in Lviv may soon be expected for the city, because after the garbage dump closes in Uzhhorod it will become a priority problem however, the appropriate conditions must be created for this. This is the task of Uzhhorod city authorities.

The project is aimed at residents of Uzhhorod and local authorities.

Area of ​​activity: Uzhhorod.

Objective: To encourage the Uzhhorod City Council to create the preconditions for the reduction of landfill by reducing and sorting waste in Uzhhorod.


1) 10 master-classes “Give Things to a Second Life” for adults and children of the city and other public all-city actions and flash games were held to promote ZeroWaste philosophy;

2) the public opinion of the city residents regarding the selective garbage collection, their willingness to join this and what steps the city authorities need to take to reach the maximum number of locals with selective garbage collection;

3) Uzhhorod’s Operational Program for 2020-2022 included measures for organizing the collection and disposal of green waste through composting, as well as expanding the network of selective collection of municipal raw material. The operational program was adopted by the Uzhhorod City Council. A pilot composting project in Uzhhorod, which has been raised with additional funds, is already being implemented by our organization.

Partners: NGO “Institute Republic”.

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