Як стати членом команди

To become a member of the Ecosphere NGO team,

you must first share the values ​​of the organization.

Organization values:

  • the eccentricity of personality is not only declared, but also manifests itself in everyday life (sorts garbage, professes the principle of “zero waste”, prefers public transport or bicycle, conserves energy in everyday life, is vegetarian, environmentally friendly often travels to the mountains, into the woods, participates in river rafting, is always ready to participate in a nature conservation campaign or campaign, etc.);
  • aversion to corruption in all its manifestations;
  • patriotism, manifested in particular by the desire to protect Ukraine’s environment as a state;
  • command (the ability and desire to work in a team, the ability to assist each other, the willingness to replace any team member when needed).

If the values ​​of the organization are in line with yours and you want to get involved in environmental matters, you can volunteer for the organization. For this you need to visit the office of the organization, having previously informed in the messages on the page of Ecosphere NGO in Facebook.

Each volunteer of Ecosphere NGO can make a full-fledged career, both in Ecosphere NGO and in other governmental structures or institutions, gaining new skills and competences to work in the environmental sector in the non-governmental sector of the country. We are waiting for active and indifferent citizens!