Forming environmental awareness amongst students and youth through the implementation of environmental education at school and extracurricular activities are especially effective when children are taught to recognize a particular environmental problem and then propose a plan for solving it. It is then that children are most effectively involved in the study of the problem, its causes and ways of solving it.

The program of a series of leadership seminars is aimed at schoolchildren in rural schools, who cooperate with the Ecosphere NGO in the field of public monitoring of the ecological status of aquatic ecosystems in the region. Together with their biology or chemistry teachers, the children monitor the ecological status of the river flowing through their village for several years. The study of the ecological status of the river is carried out by bio-indication method.

The objective of the Leadership in Environmental Movement program is to teach the most active members of monitoring groups the basics of project management to develop micro-projects aimed at solving their river problems at the local level.

Project area: Transcarpathian region, secondary schools in rural areas

Objective: To develop leadership skills in activists of the youth environmental movement


Traditional spring seminars were held for 30 students and teachers of 5 rural schools of Uzhhorod and Irshava districts of Transcarpathia. These are children and their teachers who are members of school monitoring groups that study the state of aquatic ecosystems in their area by chemical analysis and bioindication.

The seminar is also aimed to develop leadership skills of participants in monitoring groups and their ability to independently identify and solve a local environmental problem.

The seminar program contains the following activities:

– presentation of work of school monitoring teams;

– free leadership training;

– environmental theaters;

– eco games;

– discussions 

– development of micro projects to solve local environmental problems.

Project partners: Family and Sports Management, JANUN (Germany).