Today’s youth need to acquire new competencies. These can be technical competencies as well as artistic and ideological. The Ecosphere NGO defines the responsibility of the children and young people to be responsible for nature and to take an active stance on environmental protection. We engage children in environmental activities, offering them the new competencies that every modern child needs. Children can engage in bird watching, working independently with binoculars and identifying bird species. They learn how to take pictures, choose the right subject for the photo, and use the rules of photography to make the photo look good. They also learn how to edit photos using Gimp Editor. They can tell about their environmental activities publicly through their own site. This is the Green School.

Area of ​​activity: Transcarpathian region.

Objective: To create environmental awareness among students and to involve them in environmental activities.


  1. in 2019 the Green Ecotourism Summer Camp was held for 20 children from Uzhhorod, Mukachevo, Svalyava district of Transcarpathian region in the Carpathians. As well as the Kostryno of Velykyi Bereznyi district. The main topics of the camp were environmental studies of aquatic, forest ecosystems, and bird watching. Children were also taught the basics of animation. Eco games and competitions were conducted in English by Peace Corps volunteers.
  2. in 2019, the Autumn Holiday EcoSchool was held on “Sort the garbage, save the nature!” for students of the Negrovets school in the Mizhhiria district. The children were taught to sort garbage through training, eco games, and environmental theater.
  3. in 2020 the winter eco-school “Aquatic ecosystems. Photo”. For several days Uzhhorod school students were taught to observe birds, photograph river and coastal ecosystems, birds and edit photos using Gimp Editor. More about the workshops can be found in UA: Social.
  4. in 2020, the spring eco school “Make Your Own Website” was held. For Uzhhorod school students there are quality workshops for developing their own sites, through which they can post their own photos about nature or environmental problems and promote active conservation of peers through their sites.

Partners: Transcarpathian Regional State Administration of Youth and Sports, Window on America Club, JANUN.