In 2016, the Uzhhorod City Council became a signatory to the European initiative Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. Thus, the city government has demonstrated the political will to become an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly city, which is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030. What will become a real local sustainable energy policy depends on the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) to be developed and adopted by the City Council in July 2017.

However, the city needs skilled assistance in developing the SEAP and involving all stakeholders in the process. The city needs the same help in organizing and holding the Sustainable Energy Days. Activities under this project are aimed at organizing and coordinating this process.

Objective: To contribute to the formulation of Uzhhorod energy efficiency policy by involving all stakeholders in the development of the Sustainable Energy Development Action Plan of the city and in the implementation of the city-wide Sustainable Energy Day.

Objective 1: Contribute to the development of the Uzhhorod Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Action Plan on a participatory basis.

Objective 2: Promote the involvement of all stakeholders in the Uzhhorod Sustainable Energy Day.

Project area: Uzhhorod.


  1. developed and approved by Uzhhorod City Council a Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Action Plan for 2030 with the involvement of all stakeholders;
  2. The first Sustainable Energy Days were held in Uzhhorod, during which Uzhhorod residents were introduced to the content of the SEAPC of Uzhhorod, with the current issues of improving energy efficiency in the private sector, with financial support programs for ACMHs, and on the issues of RES development.

Partners: USAID ENGAGE, Greencubator (Kyiv), NGO Ecoclub (Rivne), Uzhhorod City Council.